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StemGrip Dishwasher Wine Glass Clips

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StemGrip for Dishwasher
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Item Number: 7308
Manufacturer: Franmara
Manufacturer Part No: 7308
The StemGrip is a dishwasher wine glass clip to safely wash wine glasses and champagne flutes in the dishwasher  Each StemGrip set can hold four pieces of stemware. StemGrip features a vertical piece that slides over one of the tines in your dishwasher rack. Individual clips attach to the stem of each wine, champagne, or martini glass, then a hole in the clip slides over the vertical spine, holding the stemware upside-down, and securing it so that it does not break or rub against other items in the rack. Stem Grip is made of rustproof, heat resistant plastic and stainless steel springs. Say goodbye to hand washing all of your fine wine glasses!
The StemGrip fits over the vertical tines of most styles of dishwasher.  Each stemware clip can be independently removed so you can wash one glass or four. The StemGrip will hold goblets with thicker stems or flutes with thin delicate stems. Each clamp grips the stem of the glass with a non-slip silicone surface to keep your stemware secure.
Note:Your dishwasher must have vertical tines or you must be able to bend the tine to a vertical position for the StemGrip to work.

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