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Soiree Wine Aerator & Decanter

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Soiree Decanter
Soiree DecanterSoiree Wine Bottle Aerator
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Item Number: 046557
Manufacturer: Soiree
Manufacturer Part No: so-1006


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Soirée Wine Aerator is the premier glass wine aerator that fits directly into your bottle. soirée makes wine taste better, as it gently and easily infuses oxygen into wine. The Soiree Wine Aerator fits in a standard wine bottle, allowing you to decant just the portion of wine you want — a glass or a carafe. The Soirée Wine Aerator aerates wine as you pour as effectively as a full sized decanter. By pouring wine with a Soirée, the aerator infuses wine with oxygen in the neck before entering the hand made glass aeration chamber and then cascades into your glass. The Soiree allows you to control the amount of aeration by the tilt of the aerator. The more inverted, the more aerated making it suitable for all style red wines and even white wines. The Soirée is hand made blown borosilicate glass with an elegant stand that keeps it safe when not in use and doubles as a drying rack.

For the connoisseurs that stand behind their traditional decanter we support you. However be aware that you can use Soirée to pour your wine into your decanter. "Double decanting" is a process that will be helpful when decanting a deep hearty red wine.

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